Welcome to the World of Fun for Your Little Ones - Welcome to the Family of Toyzania.

We, as a parent, are taking this initiative considering the growth and development of kids in early stages of life.  We always want our kids to get the best and have exposure to all the sources of learning, growth and development. Playing is the very foundation of early child development. Through shapes, sounds, colors and interactivity, child will quickly learn many valuable skills with exploration and discovery. However, we also observe that they play with a toy for a very short span of time. Those toys end up being placed in a corner and thrown out of house after some time.

Do you know that millions of toys are thrown away in our landfills every year? Reusing toys is a green way to help the environment and let us teach our children about recycling.

Why not stop buying toys and yet let the kids enjoy and play with all the toys available in the market!! We felt Toy Library is a perfect solution to the problem that most of we parents are going through today.  We want parents to stop worrying about what to buy and what not to buy, about the increasing clutter at home, about their child playing with less variety of toys, about time span the child will play with them.  We want every child to get his right to learn, play and grow with us. The idea of renting toys is beneficial for both kids and parents.

We hope you like the concept due to its multi-fold benefits and our services. If you have any suggestions for us to improve, please feel free to provide your valuable feedback.

We take pride in playing the pioneering role in promoting concept of sharing toys. We believe in quality, in economically just eco-system.

Assisting you in sound up-bringing of your child in his/her formative years is our prime concern. We work as your partners and help you keep your child moving forward joyfully.