Our Sanitization Process Includes Following Steps:

Step 1 : Quarantine

We ensure to Quarantine the used toys from our cleaned and sanitized toys. Our quarantine area is separate from the toy storage zone.

Step 2 : Cleaning

We clean toys initially with the warm soap water to ensure that dust and other dirt particles are removed from the toys.

Step 3 : Disinfection

Here we use high quality materials to disinfect the toys. This step ensures that toys are dust, lint and allergens free. We use high quality “Non Carcinogenic” & “Non-Toxic” disinfectant materials and environment friendly “Biodegradable” Wipes which is lint free.

Step 4 : Packaging

Once toys are fully disinfected and sanitized, we maintain its hygiene till it reaches our customers. We shrink wrap the toys which ensure that it will be dust free and will not be affected from outside environment.

Quality Check Control

  • All toys are inspected for - :
    • Breakage/Spoilage
    • Harmful Ends/Edges
    • Unwanted Materials

  • Toys are randomly picked up on a regular basis and examined by a quality specialist for any traces of contamination. If there is any evidence of contamination, all the toys are recovered and quarantined. Their decontamination process is repeated. Toy will be ready for delivery only once it will complete the Sanitization and Quality check process.

Request to Our Customers

We request all our customers to return the used toys in neat condition, we recommend to clean the toys only from soft dry cotton cloths and do not use any chemical/soap on the toys. In case of any spillage/stain, do not try to remove it at home, inform us regarding any such issue. We will resolve the issue on priority.